10 Amazing Ideas for a Military Themed Wedding

I have been incredibly lucky to attend several military weddings – including my own. While my husband and I did a traditional ceremony following our 14-month long-distance engagement, many of the couples whose weddings I’ve attended were in fact already married through a quick courthouse ceremony months of even years prior. They do the courthouse marriage so that they can reap the financial benefits, promising to have their ‘real’ wedding when he returns from the deployment. Because of this arrangement, many brides are left planning their big day singlehandedly. That can be a blessing to those detail-oriented brides who have been dreaming of their wedding day since age 5 when she would dress in a pillowcase veil, her mother’s heals, and force her little brother to walk hand-in-hand down the imaginary aisle in her family’s living room. But it can also be an incredibly daunting, exhausting event to plan. Unless you have a magnificent wedding planner, you are left with the infinite details that go into bringing the vision to life.

With June being the most popular wedding month in many areas of the country, I am busting with inspiration for a modern military themed wedding. Therefore, I have compiled 10 of the most amazing military themed wedding ideas that I could find to help make this special event less worrisome and more whimsical.

1.) Your Story invitation insert.
In April, 2013 I attended a military wedding of a couple who invited me and my husband with a delightfully unique invitation. It was a classy Mad Libs-style invitation that allowed us to hand write words on the RSVP card such as a song we wanted to hear and how we wanted them to recess down the isle (I said cartwheel.) I am loving the wedding invitation insert featured through David’s Bridal that tells a quick story of how the bride and groom met – a fun way to tell guests who may not know the couple very well.

2.) Love birds cake topper.
Made by Ann Wood at annwood.net, she can customize a bird wedding cake topper to your branch of the military. Sit them atop your cake to wow your guests and treasure as a keepsake long after the cake cutting.

3.) Spruce up your favors.
This idea is so fresh. Use a living spruce in a mason jar tied with burlap string to give guests as favors. What a wonderful way to incorporate the army green and tan military wedding color pairing into your favors.

4.) Anything but boring boutonnieres.
I love attending weddings that reek personality. For a military twist, pin an army man, anchor emblem, wings or sabers to the lapel of your ushers and groomsmen.

5.) The wedding that gives back.
For the couple who doesn’t need much, this idea is sure to leave a lasting impression. Rather than creating a wedding registry, invite guests to donate to a military cause of your choosing, such as to the Wounded Warrior Project. Include instructions with the invitation, and display a reception table where last minute donations can be made. Remind guests of tax deductions.

6.) Create a photo booth.
It’s a party, why not have a little fun with photography? It’s a great way to snap photos of all the guests enjoying themselves in a nontraditional way.

7.) Go vintage.
If I could redo my wedding I’d plan a vintage military themed wedding. Rather than bright patriotic colors, go for vintage blues and muted reds. Use old suitcases and trunks to house gifts, and incorporate vintage military airplanes or other branch-specific nostalgia into the centerpieces and favors.

8.) Use pretty postage.
Dress up your invitations with custom military wedding themed postage from zazzle.com.

9.) Amazing military wedding venues.
I had the honor of witnessing a wedding ceremony at the Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel. It is a stunning structure both inside and out. As a guest, I will never forget that wedding because it was truly an amazing venue. To incorporate the military theme into your setting, research local museums, banquet halls, and chapels related to your branch. Many bases are rich in history, and you can usually find both old and new structures that are sure to please. Most military venues must be reserved in advance for a fee, much like civilian wedding sites.

10.) Free wedding dresses through Brides Across America.
Heidi Janson at BridesAcrossAmerica.com has given away over 5000 wedding gowns to military brides. This remarkable woman and her team are setting up nationwide wedding gown giveaway events in July, 2013. Head on over to their site to check dates and locations, and to pre-register. To qualify, you or your fiancĂ©e has to have deployed within the last 5 years – or – you must have orders for an upcoming deployment. You must also show proof of orders, have a valid ID, and be engaged. If you don’t live near one of the giveaway events, or if you don’t qualify, they sell very affordable gowns through their site.

I’ve just skimmed the surface of my finds. For many more amazing military themed wedding ideas, check out my Pinterest board: Amazing Ideas for a Military Themed Wedding

iPod Weddings


You’re getting married! And now you have planned the perfect wedding of your dreams. The resort is prettier than the photo and the weather is supposed to be perfect. You have invited 200 of your closest friends and family…

Are you really thinking about spending all of that money and time on the perfect venue, the best of the best photographer and the talk of the town caterer just to put your entire weddings success into an mp3 player?

Click the link below to watch an “iPod” Wedding and you will see what an iPod wedding can do for you and your guests.

The main thing and MP3 player can give to your wedding is… cheap, tacky, boring…should I continue?

The problem is not you…it’s a percentage of the public’s perception of what a wedding DJ does, because of their bad experience.

Most people think that all a wedding DJ does is stand behind a table and play music. That is until you see what a real professional wedding DJ offers. It will open your eyes!

A real wedding DJ is more than music.

*Who is going to inform your 200 guests about all of the events at your wedding?
*Who is going to furnish the microphone for the minister during the ceremony?
*Who is going to make sure you don’t forget the Father/Daughter dance?….an MP3 Player?
*Who is going to create an itinerary for all of your vendors?
*Who is going to make announcements and entertain your guests?

And who is going to “babysit” your MP3 player?

If this were a 4th of July party in your backyard, then, yes, by all means, blast the boombox or stereo.

But this is not a backyard party….this is potentially the most important and emotional day of your life. If you go with an MP3 player, you might as well place a camera on a tripod and have it set to take a picture every 3 minutes (you might end up with a few good shots) but hey, look at all of the money you are saving!!

If you truly want to save money, then I suggest you invest in: “The Exclusive Wedding Guide”.
It not only can help you save money and time, but you will understand what each vendor can do to make your wedding truly memorable.

The Exclusive Wedding Guide contains valuable information and insight compiled from wedding vendors and wedding professionals who do this for a living. Yes, you could find a lot of valuable information surfing the web, but who has the time? And much of the information contained in this “life-saving” book are secrets of the trade, which many vendors won’t tell you!

Anton Laub is a professional DJ who specializes in Weddings.

How To Make Seating Necessary Arrangements For Your Wedding Day

The emotional strain of organizing a marriage ceremony can sometimes be quite overwhelming to many. Nevertheless, merely by remaining well informed and doing some research, you will have a marriage that goes quite smoothly. The ideas in this post can assist you in your wedding day arrangement.

You might be shocked at precisely how really expensive bridal attire are. To help defray the cost of a wedding attire, you could possibly wish to search for gowns not be looked at a wedding gown. A bridesmaid gown, for starters, may feel awesome on your physique which will ordinarily be lower than fifty percent the value of a real wedding gown. Even if you think you desire to alter it in some way, it should be cheaper than for those who bought a wedding outfit.

Forward a an itinerary to your invitees to facilitate their arrange their fun-based activities and even check out their way. When you share your agenda with the guests, it may help them comprehend where they are in fact required to be whenever they must attend, to allow them to manage their journey period in the right way.

You will have plenty of guest visitors at your marriage ceremony that you are going to are planning to consider pictures with. If your wedding is on the massive side, intending to look for everyone for pictures can be tough, unless you have a particular time and area reserved for picture-taking. Explain to your invited guests before the big event exactly where and when you’d just want to obtain pictures. Furthermore, make sure your own professional photographer understands.

Your marriage ceremony day is likely to be taxing and chaotic. Plan for this by scheduling it later in the day. In this way, it is possible to allow ample time for you to prepare yourself without requiring to awaken too ahead of time. Supposing you can get hold of valuable time for it, course a comfortable event.

If perhaps the couple getting wedded has a strong love for travel and leisure, wish to add in design elements that focus this in the organizing and theme procedure. Choose a small amount of distinctive talent to have your very own invitations featuring like old fashioned postcards from a remote land. You can use a second-hand leather material bag to showcase things like your wedding plan, photos, or favors for the guests.

By way of example, contemplate a recently available fusion menu filled with reputable dishes. You may add a special effect by offering personal favorites, such as desserts, drinks or and edible wedding snacks.

You might have a particular relative or good friend become ordained online so they can accomplish your wedding vows. Your wedding will have an exclusive effect, giving you the ability to furthermore clear away the cost of an officiant. Be cautious, however, and check with your neighborhood authorities to be certain that it is actually lawful in the area.

Lease a location, with lighting that can be well-suited becoming dimmed, for your wedding ceremony. Although this may appear minor, you want to have this choice, quite possibly for the initial dance, and then brighter for the remainder of your marriage ceremony. You should definitely check out these particulars before you make the decision for certain.

When you procure assistance for your marriage ceremony, be sure to possess a credit card having a rewards. Maybe you might get miles for your honeymoon or special offers as a reward for your fee. When you use the rewards credit card for everything concerning your wedding, you should definitely soon collect large rewards.

When ever wedding arranging, take into account exactly what alcoholic drinks you wish to serve, the way you desire to serve it, and try to be cost efficient. The open bar option is considered the most expensive of selections and the charge is generally unaffordable for many couples but do not feel awful if you are not able to find the money for it. Wedding places may have options, such as a modest open bar or a offering lesser alternatives to keep alcoholic beverages bills down.

At this point, you should have plenty of new ideas for designing a marriage ceremony for yourself or for someone else. Use the ideas you have precisely learned to help you schedule a wonderful wedding reception.

How to Have Your Dream Wedding During an Economic Recovery

I am a professional female wedding DJ and I am about to teach you the method I used when planning my dream wedding.

This method delivered everything I wanted without having to compromise.

If you’re anything like me, you have been researching articles and books on how to save money on your wedding. Let’s face it, times are tough, but that shouldn’t have to be reflected in your wedding. You only get one chance to marry your true love and although it would be nice to have access to an unlimited budget, that is simply unrealistic. When I was planning my wedding I spent hours pouring over books that offered advice on how to have your dream wedding on a budget. The problem was that the more I read, the more I began to feel that these articles were out of touch with real people and real weddings. Some of the advice they were dishing out were things like “don’t hire a professional photographer, place a camera on the tables and have your guests take all of the pictures.” I thought: Are these people serious? Why on earth would I ever chance my wedding pictures to my guests who might drink too much/forget to turn on the flash/cut my head off in the picture?

I’m going to teach you the industry secret of how to get everything you want for your wedding and still be able to afford it. I have freely shared this solution with my bridal clients – and now I am going to share it with you, because I believe that this information should be made available to every single bride, absolutely FREE:

The Industry Secret:
Do you know why diet pills are a billion dollar industry? It is because dieting is awful. When people become limited to only eating cabbage soup every day it takes the joy out of living. Human beings like variety and severing such a huge part of our lives hurts. Diet pill makers know this and so they market a pill that will allow you to “eat anything you want and still lose weight.” Some work better than others, but they all work off of the same basic principle: they suppress your appetite so that you eat less… you can eat the same high quality amazing food, you simply eat a little less of it and hence you lose weight. The idea behind it is “don’t skimp, simply scale back.” This is called shaving across the board.

You can get your first choice in every category of your wedding no matter what economy we find ourselves in simply by applying this same principle.

The reason those wedding budget articles were not working was because they were telling us to sever off huge parts of our wedding instead of shaving off across the board. The method I am going to describe will teach you by example. You can actually apply it to any category but I will give you examples for the top 6 categories most asked about so that you can get the general idea. This is the method that I used and have shared with my bridal clients – what is more is that I have seen it work with every bride, every wedding dream, every budget, 100% of the time.


BAD ADVICE: Choosing a public venue such as a park or public beach. Public venues are just that… public. There is zero control over the environment including strangers walking by, loud cell phone conversations, children screaming, and yes, obnoxious wedding crashers.
SHAVING ACROSS THE BOARD: You can have the exact venue and room you want at a fraction of the regular price by choosing an off day. Everybody scrambles for Saturdays – if you ask your venue what the rate would be for a Friday or Sunday you will be shocked & thrilled at how much cheaper it is. Regardless of the day you choose, find out about renting the room for less time – do you truly need it for 12 hours?


BAD ADVICE: Not hiring a professional photographer and asking your guests to be responsible for your photos and/or video. In addition to everything stated above, you want your guests to relax. Not to mention you only have 1 chance to capture these things.

SHAVING ACROSS THE BOARD: Don’t settle – these are pictures that you will look at for the rest of your life. You can book the photographer that you love and still stay on track by simply booking the next package down. What would you rather have: a giant package of photos from a so-so photographer or a small package of amazing shots taken by the photographer of your dreams?


BAD ADVICE: Asking a friend to be your DJ instead of hiring a professional – or an ipod wedding. Truly, your choice of entertainment will have an effect on every other aspect of your wedding. Your friend doesn’t know how to read your crowd and an ipod is a nothing more than a “mixed tape”. People will only remember whether or not they had a good time. Think back: have you ever been to a bad party-what made it bad? You don’t want your guests walking away feeling that about your wedding.

SHAVING ACROSS THE BOARD: You can book the DJ that you love by simply booking less time. Some people assume that they have to book the DJ for as long as they have the room – this is not true. Learn from the old vaudeville saying: Always leave them wanting more. Not only does this unlock other areas of your budget, but it ends your wedding on a big bang that leaves everyone buzzing.


CAKE: Order your dream cake for half the amount of people (or even just the intricate top piece) for the cake cutting and get the rest as a sheet cake. No one sees into the kitchen and the staff has to cut it up anyway.

FLOWERS: Order the gorgeous arrangement you want but for every other table instead of every table. The other tables you can either leave alone or put a collage of pictures, candles, or even the cheaper arrangement you were going to settle for.

LIMO: Book 2 different Limo companies so you aren’t paying for time you don’t use. Limo companies book off of 2 hour minimums and they do not offer a split in your timeframe so you get stuck paying for the 6 hours that the driver has to sit around and wait for you. The way around this is by booking 1 company for the pre-ceremony pick ups and the drive to the reception if it’s in a different location, and a different company to pick you up at the end of the reception.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding – everybody deserves to have the wedding of their dreams without the economy dictating it to them. Remember that choosing the correct elements above are essential when planning the most important day in your life. The name of my company is Edge Entertainment and our DJs and MCs not only excel in balancing the lines between elegance and fun but are also specifically trained in the art of professional event planning. We use only the highest quality state of the art DJ equipment and our music library is quite extensive – but it our experience and professionalism coupled with our reasonable prices that truly set us above the rest.