Engaged Or Not, It’s Time to Plan Your Wedding!

Whether you are engaged or not, whether you are dating someone special or not, now is the time to plan your wedding day!  You may think this sounds crazy but it truly works! 

While in High School, my Home Economics teacher gave me the assignment to plan a wedding.  I had to put together a scrapbook that included photos of a wedding dress,  wedding bouquet, bridesmaid dresses, wedding rings, wedding decor, wedding flowers, wedding cake etc…  Although it was time consuming, it proved to be a very helpful activity!

One day while shopping at a mall, I saw a wedding dress that resembled one much like the one I had put in my wedding scrapbook.  I put it on layaway and was able to pay it off before I ever even met my husband!  It was one less thing to worry about when planning my actual wedding!  It also proved to be economical in budgeting for my wedding.

Here is how you make your wedding scrapbook.  You can use any binder and put card stock in it.  If you prefer, you can purchase an inexpensive scrap booking album.  (You don’t have to use acid free materials.)


Look for wedding dress styles that you like.  You can start by looking through magazines or online wedding sites.  Take photos at weddings you attend, or try dresses on at your local bridal shop.    Once you find a style(s) you like, put photos of those styles in your scrapbook.  You could even journal underneath the photos the type of fabric you want to use.

Include  wedding veil photos if you plan to wear one with your wedding dress.  Your taste in style may change  before you meet that special someone and get engaged.  No worries!   Just add the new style you like to your scrapbook.  Update your pictures as often as you like.  Remember you are trying to make your wedding a day you will want to remember positively!


What colors do you want your wedding to be?  Consider your wedding line and what about your wedding decor?  Put samples of fabric and samples of colors that you want to have at your wedding.  Paint chips might even come in handy here to mix and match a variety of color combinations that you are interested in using at your wedding.


Your options are endless here!  You may want to think about using silk flowers versus fresh.  There are so many beautiful realistic flowers to choose from today.  Another plus would be that you could use your bouquet to decorate your new home and have a lasting memento from your special day!  You can find lots of photos online or again in magazines or at weddings you attend.

Don’t forget your wedding line!  Find a few ideas for corsages, boutonnieres, and parent wedding flowers while you are at it.


As you attend wedding receptions, bridal showers, birthday or anniversary parties, find inspiration for table decorations and other wedding decor.  Look through magazines, online resources, and even your local garden nursery can give you ideas for creating a beautiful wedding reception setting.


What kind of a statement do you want to make with your cake?  Do you want a cute cake topper?  How about fresh or silk flowers cascading in a spiral design down your cake?  Gather pictures of various cake decor and add it to your scrapbook.  You could even get an idea of prices so that you know the general price range that you want to eventually spend on your cake.  A cake topper is something you could easily purchase or make now and tuck it away until you plan your “real wedding”. 

Get creative and choose the sections you want your Wedding Planner Scrapbook to have.   Even down to the food, napkins, beverage, favors, etc… that you will serve if you like!  By planning ahead, you won’t be disappointed in how your wedding day turns out.  Every bride deserves to be treated like a queen on her wedding day so put your wedding together now and then when the opportunity comes you will have the “royal wedding” you have planned for!  Even more important, you will be able to relax and enjoy your day!