iPod Weddings


You’re getting married! And now you have planned the perfect wedding of your dreams. The resort is prettier than the photo and the weather is supposed to be perfect. You have invited 200 of your closest friends and family…

Are you really thinking about spending all of that money and time on the perfect venue, the best of the best photographer and the talk of the town caterer just to put your entire weddings success into an mp3 player?

Click the link below to watch an “iPod” Wedding and you will see what an iPod wedding can do for you and your guests.

The main thing and MP3 player can give to your wedding is… cheap, tacky, boring…should I continue?

The problem is not you…it’s a percentage of the public’s perception of what a wedding DJ does, because of their bad experience.

Most people think that all a wedding DJ does is stand behind a table and play music. That is until you see what a real professional wedding DJ offers. It will open your eyes!

A real wedding DJ is more than music.

*Who is going to inform your 200 guests about all of the events at your wedding?
*Who is going to furnish the microphone for the minister during the ceremony?
*Who is going to make sure you don’t forget the Father/Daughter dance?….an MP3 Player?
*Who is going to create an itinerary for all of your vendors?
*Who is going to make announcements and entertain your guests?

And who is going to “babysit” your MP3 player?

If this were a 4th of July party in your backyard, then, yes, by all means, blast the boombox or stereo.

But this is not a backyard party….this is potentially the most important and emotional day of your life. If you go with an MP3 player, you might as well place a camera on a tripod and have it set to take a picture every 3 minutes (you might end up with a few good shots) but hey, look at all of the money you are saving!!

If you truly want to save money, then I suggest you invest in: “The Exclusive Wedding Guide”.
It not only can help you save money and time, but you will understand what each vendor can do to make your wedding truly memorable.

The Exclusive Wedding Guide contains valuable information and insight compiled from wedding vendors and wedding professionals who do this for a living. Yes, you could find a lot of valuable information surfing the web, but who has the time? And much of the information contained in this “life-saving” book are secrets of the trade, which many vendors won’t tell you!

Anton Laub is a professional DJ who specializes in Weddings.