Unusual Weddings, Unique Settings

Lots of people get married in chapels and churches, gardens and parks, beaches, hotels and country clubs.

But what if what you want is something more memorable? A bit (or a lot) unusual?

Here are some ideas for you, based on things that other people have done:

In England, “mystery tours” have long been a cultural phenomenon. A group of planners there help couples plan mystery weddings. People are told a place and time to meet; they are then taken by bus to another location for the wedding ceremony. Afterward, they are loaded on the bus again and whisked away to the reception located. After the fun and even ending fireworks, they are returned to the original location.

People often incorporate their hobbies into their weddings. Scuba divers have been married underwater. Amusement park enthusiasts have been wed on roller coasters. Movie lovers have even rented movie theatres for their nuptials. Skydivers have been married in mid-air. Hikers can utilize National Forest shelters.

Those people lucky enough to love their jobs sometimes marry at their place of business. 7-Eleven employees, people who work at grocery stores, medical personnel..they all have got married “on the job.” Think how much the person who works in a garden shop could save on flowers!

Celebrities are well known for inviting friends to a “party” which turns out to be a wedding. This could be a great fun idea for non-celebrities, as well. For instance, have a masquerade party. Everyone comes in costume. The couple comes, of course, as a bride and groom. The officiant could come in full clerical regalia, if desired. Announce at the right time that a real wedding is about to take place. Have your ceremony, bring out the cake and champagne, and party on! Or, for real, informal fun, insert your wedding into the middle of a barbeque! (Of course, you would want to let immediate family and anyone else whose attendance you wanted to insure into the secret.)

Have your own “Rennaissance Festival,” with strolling minstrels, flower “sellers,” face painting, and whatever suits your fancy.

Other unique venues and ideas could include baseball fields or basketball courts, lighthouses, tops of tall buildings, or a myriad other places. Think of places that are significant to you, or activities you love, and incorporate them into your wedding to make something fun, unique, and completely your own.