Wedding Favors – Choosing Them Carefully

When selecting wedding favors, a couple would normally consider the type of wedding they planned. The wedding favors are not just mere gifts for the guests, but also important details to compliment the look of the entire wedding event. In addition, they can serve as mementos of the wedding.

Depending on the theme and budget of the wedding, choosing the right wedding favors may vary. There are so many stylish options that are available these days, no matter what the wedding is or whether it has a theme or none. Themed nuptials are uncommon nowadays, as brides and grooms are becoming more unique and personal when thinking of their own wedding. Unique wedding favors are usually a choice that’s what the couple really wanted for their big day. Even those who have a professional wedding planner opt to decide on so many things they personally like for their wedding.

Choosing wedding keepsakes carefully may include choosing something that can serve a dual purpose. Especially for those who are on a tight budget, multi-functional favors can really make a practical sense. A nice example of a practical favor is a place card holder. Place card holders come with a wide variety of stylish designs to choose from, which are as beautiful as real wedding favors. They can double as card holders and then guests can take them home as wedding souvenirs afterwards.

Edible favors are also a big hit during weddings these days. Everyone loves food, and one can never go wrong of providing edible treats at her wedding reception. There’s a lot of edible favor ideas to choose from, including cookies, chocolates, candies, mints, almonds, jams, honey, and even coffee, tea, and wine. There are plenty of specialty stores that sell custom edible favors, which couples can customize matching to their type of nuptial. Favor bags, boxes, mini jars, custom cellophane, custom candy bar wrappers, labels, stickers, and ribbons are common materials that are used to package and accentuate edible wedding favors.

Today’s engaged couples have an endless options to choose from when it comes to wedding favors pre-wedding parties such as engagement, bridal shower, bachelor party, and wedding luncheon may need decorations, and those little souvenirs are both useful and functional.

Choosing the one that guests can use long after the wedding is an ideal wedding favor. Many people appreciate practical favors at weddings. Most of the time, guests are thrilled when presented with personalized bottle openers, wine stoppers, coasters, measuring spoons, measuring tapes, or salt and pepper shakers. With a bit of adornments and neat packaging, these practical items can make excellent gifts for the wedding guests.

Choosing wedding favors carefully often also include personalizing them. Names, monograms, wedding dates, and messages are included to personalized wedding favors. Additionally, personalizing may include something that reflects the favorite hobby or pastime of the couple, or even their favorite sports. These personalized ideas are also a way to unique wedding favors that most couples really desire. Unique simply means memorable and one of a kind, and every couple want their nuptial to be that kind.